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Here and There..

  Here & There… I picture life like a web We all start at a point/place .. “HERE” .. & we’re all trying get to some point/place .. “THERE.” But when we get there. It becomes here. From here, We... Continue Reading →


Intentional Gateways

in·ten·tion inˈten(t)SH(ə)n/ noun 1. a thing intended; an aim or plan; premeditated. "she was full of good intentions" 2. the healing process of a wound. Intentions another Gateway? To what? Or the reason for the gate? Do you know of... Continue Reading →

Friend? or Foe?

Today I noticed...   I came to realize that headphones have more than just the obvious positive uses in my life. Sometimes when you turn off the music without anyone  knowing, you get hit with the devastating truth. And I... Continue Reading →

Mental Health Awareness

I found this infographic on  

Daily Prompt: Calm

Calm via Daily Prompt: Calm Whoah! Whoah! Whoah! Relax. Just stay calm. How many times did you just drop the f-bomb? Wtf is your problem? I know you don't want some.. Acting ignorant. And looking dumb Might find your life being... Continue Reading →

Today’s Random Life Question is..

In life we're all blessed with talents & gift. Things we excel in. Like super powers. For Example : Beyonce - Music Bill Gates - Computer Science & Creation Mother Teresa - Compassion Let's say I am really good at... Continue Reading →

Tribute to my Dad

A journal entry, Father's Day 2015   Dear Journal, Another father's day past. Six long years since I've been home. Will my family ever really know how much I miss them? Or how much I think of them on the... Continue Reading →

Daily Prompt: Fortune

    via Daily Prompt: Fortune Let me guess...most of you wrote about fortune tellers & fortune cookies. Or maybe you went the route of treasure, riches..."that fortune teller costs me a fortune" But what came to my mind was... Continue Reading →


    unsustainable codependence mind consumed with wander & distrust continuous interrogation forcing false confessions confirming predetermined guilt consequence of past experiences sentenced to possessive loss of privacy bound by unhealthy addiction obligated devotion causing unnerving resentment severing connection habitual... Continue Reading →

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