1. a thing intended; an aim or plan; premeditated.
“she was full of good intentions”
2. the healing process of a wound.

Intentions another Gateway? To what? Or the reason for the gate?

Do you know of anyone who gets into their car to deliberately run people over? No? Me either. But how many of us know a person who has gotten to a fatal incident, for example, dozed off at the wheel on the way home from work. Ran someone over? Speeding and got into a terrible accident. Hit another car? Or, what about the infamous DUI? Driving drunk home end up crashing into a median killing your passengers.

Do the intentions matter?

Found guilty of the intent to…( fill in the blanks).

Can you prove without a doubt the intentions of a person? Or are charges like “intent to sell narcotic” or “intention of robbing a bank”, be a setup for failure? Keeping more and more of us caught up in that revolving door? (Or how I like to call it, that rotating gate.)

Then if so, isn’t our justice system guilty of the “intent” to incarcerate the American people in privately owned prisons?

And when did the jails go private? I was under the impression that the jails and prisons were run by the state and use tax money. So instead of the money recirculating into our government and our nation citizens. The tax money is now going into the pockets of whom? Sounds to me like an ingenious money scheme ran by greed. (In my opinion)

premeditated thought or action.

Taking the time effort and energy to… ?? That all depends on the person. Malicious or selfless? Villain or superhero? Vengeance or atonement?

Personally I think intentions are a gateway to a person’s character and heart..
But definitely the reason for the gate in the first place

Privacy. Should we give up the whole idea of privacy all together? So that we can know the intentions and the reasoning behind everyone we deal with?

Let’s say for example, everyone had access to your every thought. They could read your mind literally. Thoughts like “she’s fat” or “horrible outfit” or “All I want to do is get her in the sack” or “he’s cute”. Whatever the case your intentions and thoughts are on broadcast. Let’s not even touch on skeletons in the closet. God forbid something triggers a memory tucked away in the back of your mind. And suddenly, there it is broadcasting for everyone to see, hear and read.


Maybe that’s the reason why red flags go up when we think someone is trying to be discreet or secretive. So let’s get rid of privacy altogether. Back to the days of Adam and Eve before the serpent crept into the Garden of Eden. All natural, out in the open, hiding nothing. No need for the gates right?
Well, even Heaven has a gate.

Healing process of a wound.

From a different perspective altogether. Sometimes painful things in life are result of wrong intentions resulting in a major tragedy. But in the end, what may have seemed terrible and even though people may have had bad intentions for you. God had nothing but good ones. Everything happens because it’s part of some Master’s plan. Not having gone through certain things in life, we would never have the opportunity to heal and get another chance at it.

1. Gateway to a person’s character and heart
2. Definitely the reason for the gate
3. Necessary at some point in your life in order for God’s plan to play out