th2015_zpsz0uafkzgI’ve found expressing myself

through the art of written words,

has been therapy to my soul.

Writing has been my only outlet

to vent and express freely.


This blog is my brain dump.
A journal.
A prayer.
A hissy fit.
A dorky joke.
Or just a random question about life.
A day in my life of insanity..

I want to be able to write to inspire. Allowing God to use my life’s experiences and lessons as an example of his unfailing grace.

Sharing with anyone in need of some love and inspiration. Hell, all those just looking to experience a vision that is raw, uninhibited & REAL.

I stand firm on the belief that, ” The TRUTH shall set you free.” It gives me the freedom of never having to pretend. Rediscovering the true ME. Being confident in the person I’ve become through the refining of life’s consequence.

Remembering that I am God’s “work in progress”
in the making of 
His perfect likeness.

 “I consider myself an artist.

I express myself a little differently.th2021_zpst2d7j1kv

But if u can keep an open mind

and embrace our differences..

..let’s inspire each other

and create a master piece

of collaboration.”