I’ve been thinking, what if, I’m just a Plan B type girl? I’ll aim for Plan A. But hell, Plan B works! I’m happy to have had any plans at all..

It’s like going to heaven, & Oops! A few deeds short of the pearly gates. And winding up in purgatory. Better than the last alternative; burning in the pits of hell for all of eternity. Purgatory, here I come!

Does that make me positively morbid versus negatively suicidal?


I have suicidal thoughts…

..I don’t entertain them.


I hear voices…

..I don’t listen to what they say.

I find myself trying to balance on that fine line. Fall one way,  “whoa you’ve gone too far.” Or get as close as you can to the line without crossing. And you get the stunned remark, “OMG. Did she just…” So raw people are taken by surprise and don’t really know how to respond.

While we’re on the subject of fine lines…What about finding a balance between being humble versus feeling sorry for yourself. For example, when I brag about being from the Lame Loser set. Or joke about how I’m murphy’s daughter. You know Murphy right? Bad luck follows him. Or when you think things can’t get any worse…meet Rachel.

Does that make me a cocky loser or a happy complainer?


No I’m not stupid. I just like making anyone who speaks after me sound REAL SMART. (Your welcome.)

That sounds like glass half full to me.

If you didn’t catch it, I’m Rachel. An awkward weirdo that’s clinically crazy. (clinically crazy basically means, I’m on good meds.) Diagnosed with Mentally Rebellious.  (WARNING! It could be contagious. You might want to sprint in the opposite direction, if you see me coming.)

As a result of my illness, isolation, and a few hundred other issues. This blog is my way of connecting, interacting and expressing myself with you. Have you ever wondered what goes on in a crazy persons head? This is it.

A day in my life of insanity…with one of my multiple personalities.