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Daily Prompt: Fortune

    via Daily Prompt: Fortune Let me guess...most of you wrote about fortune tellers & fortune cookies. Or maybe you went the route of treasure, riches..."that fortune teller costs me a fortune" But what came to my mind was... Continue Reading →



    unsustainable codependence mind consumed with wander & distrust continuous interrogation forcing false confessions confirming predetermined guilt consequence of past experiences sentenced to possessive loss of privacy bound by unhealthy addiction obligated devotion causing unnerving resentment severing connection habitual... Continue Reading →

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Insanity vs Routine

Insanity versus Routine. “Patience Rachel, it’s gonna take time. Nothing happens overnight.” The issue I am facing now is my need for instant results or gratification. Starting and trying a bunch of things. But not following through. Am I jumping the gun on things?... Continue Reading →

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Daily Prompt: Relax

via Daily Prompt: Relax Muscle relaxers? You have some? What kind? Valum? Zanex? Soma? I want some. Just kidding...Relax. It was a joke Do you need a chill pill? (Me too!) -Mentally Rebellious

via Daily Prompt: Moody Moody? Do you mean bipolar. I got that too! Or what my mom refers to it as, PMS. You got Pre Menstrual Sickness = The week before. Then you have Period = one week. Finally you have, Post Menstrual... Continue Reading →

Plan B

    I've been thinking, what if, I'm just a Plan B type girl? I'll aim for Plan A. But hell, Plan B works! I'm happy to have had any plans at all.. It's like going to heaven, & Oops!... Continue Reading →

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