A journal entry, Father’s Day 2015


Dear Journal,

Another father’s day past. Six long years since I’ve been home. Will my family ever really know how much I miss them? Or how much I think of them on the day to day? I brag to people that my family is the foundation of me..

It is my father whom I hold on a pedestal. Comparing every male to him makes it impossible for any man to even come close in comparison.

I know every couple has their issues. But my parents did well at masking or keeping it between them. I can remember a fews time throughout my life them fighting. But always behind doors. Never really involving anyone else.

The few time other people got involved..it was serious. Things got blown out of proportion. Influences from the outside looking in. Not keeping in mind they were just venting. Trying to let out some steam on a listening ear. In hopes to get the weight lifted of their burdens for but a second.

My parents are the ultimate example of a young hard working american couple. Made great teammates, partners, lovers & possibly the definition of soulmates. It started off a bit rocky. My mom always says, “the first 10 years of marriage is hell!” Especially for a young couple in Hawaii getting by. Raising 4 kids. Literally from nothing to something. Both filled a role of equal importance in the team.

The man is the head of the house hold. What he says goes..but the woman is the neck and can turn the head in whichever direction she wants.” My big fat greek wedding

My father a wonderful provider. A great boss. And elder of the church. He has an energy about him that people respect. The type of person you don’t wanna let down. He puts thought into his words. So everything he says is sincere and pierces the heart. More the passive one in the relationship. Or how I like to call it, The strong quiet type. He trusted my mom  to take care of the matters at home. Stood behind her decisions. And that was that. My dad wasn’t really the disciplinary. Left that to mom. So when dad got involved, it’s no joke. It was your ass.

My mother is one of a kind. One of the strongest women I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. Not only can she keep a home. But she stayed on us kids constantly so we wouldn’t be lost by the wayside. She cooked, cleaned and played referee. She was also my dad’s secretary and life organizer. Not exactly the easiest job. Living, sleeping and working with eachother. Spending all of 24 hours in a day together…mostly.

She was the definition of MRS ALOHA. The best hostess and at organizing events. She has an infectious bubbly personality. She wore her heart on her sleeve. No need for guessing with her, she’d let you know. Honesty was her character and part of her personality. A prayer warrior. I know no other person more fervent in talking to God. Who better to ask? He always seemed to answer too. Sometimes I’d ask her to pray for me. Just in case God didn’t hear me. I knew He definitely heard her.

She was the president of her senior class. Homecoming queen & cheerleader. And still holds records in track and field in the state of Hawaii to this day. Never did drugs and lost her virginity to my dad after they were married. Making my dad, the only guy she has and will ever be with.

My parents are more in love today, than I ever remember them being, as a kid. I can’t wait to some day find what they have.

Father’s Day 2015

Happy Birthday Dad you are inspiration in my life in so many ways. 

I love you,